Island of Misfit Crafters is a photographer/designer duo based in Hartford, CT. Breck has over 25 years of photography experience in a broad range of specialties. His work encompasses everything from landscapes and nature to fitness, architecture, and portraiture. Whether beautiful or bizarre, Breck enjoys capturing the perfect image and is thrilled to offer some of his favorites on the IOMC tote bags. You can see a full range of his work at

Caresse is the designer half of the duo. Owner and creative director of CLA design, a graphic design firm, she took her keen eye for visual communication and created the first jewelry holder to organize her own growing pile of necklaces. The "oohs"and "ahhs" she received from friends and family prompted her to continue creating. Every aspect of the process is an adventure, whether it's scouring salvage shops for materials or drilling the final holes.

In addition to their artistic ventures, Breck and Caresse pursue simple endeavors, such as triathlons, marathons, and wrangling their cats.